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As Android’s Applications Base Grows So Does Ubuntu’s

Android is Google tablet and mobile operating system. A number of them are touch screen software. Within the following year or two there’s called to become an explosion of android established devices on computer platforms and the phone. It is expected that there’ll be out there with no need to have acceptance for software like on the iphone.

This is good news. While Ubuntu isn’t android by any way sharing the Linux kernel there’s work being done now to be certain that android software will operate on the Ubuntu distribution. This could have the ability to work on lots of distributions.

This is good is that there’s a little commercial development. Most are free although a number of them are paid software. This implies for the Ubuntu consumer is that there’ll be. Some of them may not be useful, but these created as they’re made for displays for tablet computers may be used on the environment.

Another advantage to this is that if you can find fantastic software created on the android platform programmers on might develop open source variants of their applications everyone a few programs that are beneficial to work from if Ubuntu is not used by you or not.

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