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Hormone Replacement Therapy – The Positives and Negatives You Need To Know

Hormone Replacement Therapy Harrisburg PA appears like the new in thing and several men and women are not aware of exactly how severe this procedure is. In case you’ve gotten to the point of lifestyle change and are thinking about this path, then think carefully about the advantages and the negative effects.

Advantages of Hormone Replacement Treatment

As with a number of different kinds of drugs or medication, hormones have short term effects which you might notice instantly, and long-term effects which could be seen further down the road. The most noticeable advantage within the first couple of weeks is an improved sense of well being and a feeling of being filled with energy and life. This works nicely for girls who aren’t dealing with the symptoms of menopause. In the long term you’ll have a lesser risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cons of Hormone Replacement Treatment

As negative effects which could occur as vaginal discharge, the weight reduction in this situation hasn’t been directly credited to the hormone replacement treatment, but it’s been related to the drop in metabolism which could happen as a consequence of the treatment. Among the most important long-term effects is that the tissue. The outcomes will differ based on the kind of program you elect for, since distinct ones include various hormones. This is generally estrogen and progesterone either independently or in a mix.

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