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Top Crime Movies You Must Check

We always hate crimes but we love them when they are in the movies because of the fact that at the end of every movie, the criminals are either killed or sent to jail. This is why there are now so many movies in this genre as it is constantly doing well in the box office.

If you also love crime movies, check out the most favored ones from Putlockers movies:

Gifted – this is about a boyfriend who is pushed to do something bad as he is about to be ditched by his girlfriend. He later discovers that he can kill a person easily and he even enjoys it.

Chapter and Verse – after finishing his sentence in prison, a previous gang leader is planning to change his life and he is able to do so with the help of a friend he meet at the bank. This should be a heart-warming movie at the same time.

Bitch Slap – three ladies are out there to search for a pricey diamond. They have a lot of competitors in this task but they also have a problem with each other when it comes to trust.

City of Industry – this is about some of the criminals in Los Angeles. This city is already swarming with the likes of them but only focuses on the three and how they deal with their daily activities. This is all about betrayal within the criminals and so on.

The site mentioned above has still a lot of crime movies thus if this is the genre you fancy, you should check this site out. This is constantly available unlike the cinemas and it is for everyone. You don’t need to spend a dime here as all their movies are totally free. You should check it out now!

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